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March 17th, 2010 14 Comments

This is my response to two Read Write Poem prompts, #117 and #118. I began with Zachary Schomberg’s Create A Hinge prompt, but couldn’t get the poem finished. This week’s Wordle prompt helped me to edit the poem. I’m still not happy with the ending, but it’s all I’ve got. Pie 888 Summers we drank […]



December 10th, 2009 12 Comments

Read Write Poem Prompt #104 was called How to Write the Sex Poem Right. That’s right. The Sex Poem. Two of my favorite sex poems are Pattiann Rogers’ The Hummingbird: A Seduction and Billy Collins’ Taking Off Emily Dickinson’s Clothes. I modeled my poem, perhaps too literally, on Pattiann Rogers’ poem. I don’t like the last line, but […]



November 18th, 2009 19 Comments

The prompt for Read Write Poem #101 included a whole bunch of p-words. I added some of my own. Pomegranate Its small prickly crown, more like a jester’s hat, lies on the cutting board. Even now, it gives me pause, this rough-skinned fruit that looks as if it has been too long in the wind […]


In the Quad

November 12th, 2009 10 Comments

In Read Write Poem prompt #100, Bruce Covey invites us to play with our dreams. Visit the site for complete instructions on this one. In the Quad Three women meet beneath the yellow leaf-light of an autumn campus. There may or may not be a fountain, water dribbling from its tip; it may or may […]


Things that have left

November 6th, 2009 9 Comments

Read Write Poem prompt #99: Setting the Scene. “This week, write a poem that tells a narrowly focused story — a “scene” — without telling the story. Instead, convey the essence of the scene through your description of the world in which it takes place and the “characters” (who don’t have to be human or […]


Tuesday Market

October 29th, 2009 2 Comments

Read Write Poem prompt #98 – Whee! – got me thinking about spinning and whirling, and because I live in Turkey, that led to the dervishes, to Rumi, and to this ghazal. I’ve never tried to write one before, and I’m not sure I completely understand the form. This article – What Is a Ghazal […]

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Chance Language Encounters

October 21st, 2009 19 Comments

This week’s poem comes from Nathan Moore’s Read Write Poem prompt #97. I used some words of his post for my text and came up with this. Chance Language Encounters Let’s create remarks & surprise transitions from words, little words. Shake the first line, link situations & cut the rough way. Relax. It’s just fun. […]


Field Notes: Storm

October 14th, 2009 15 Comments

Today’s poem comes from Read Write Poem prompt #96. Using some of the words in the prompt, I returned to my American Sentence Field Notes – I have written 30 of these by now – and rearranged them into this five line poem. The 17 syllable form requires strong verbs, so the Wordle prompts are […]

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My Angel, My Devil

October 1st, 2009 15 Comments

My Angel and My Devil by Thomas Hawk Today’s poem comes from Read Write Poem Prompt #94 and a photo, My Angel and My Devil, by Thomas Hawk. The photo didn’t inspire me much, but when I saw this post by Robert Lee Brewer, Poetic Form: Sevenlings, the poem came together. My Angel, My Devil […]

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Field Notes

September 16th, 2009 24 Comments

ReadWritePoem #92 was a Wordle prompt. I decided to try American sentences for this one. Technically, these aren’t American sentences, although each note contains 17 (+ or -) syllables . Field Notes i. Belled cat stares at patch of sun. Small movement. Small chime. Patch flickers and flees. ii. Two gnats circle in pillar of […]

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